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A group of Japanese students hatched a chicken without an eggshell

Screenshot via YouTube For offer research services generations, human beings have been beating their heads against the proverbial wall, trying in vain to figure out which came first-the chicken, or the egg. Over the years, the adage has come to represent life's many unknowable riddles. But now, thanks to a group of Japanese high school students and their "mad scientist" biology teacher, the question now feels beside the point: chickens apparently no longer need eggs at offer research services all.

A video posted to YouTube Monday shows the eager, giggling students breaking a number of eggs, storing the embryos in clear, cellophane-wrapped containers, and then incubating them until they're ready to hatch 21 days later, all for a school science project. By the end of the video, a chicken can be seen running around the floor of the classroom.
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